Food Bank’s Fundraiser Unifies Northern Illinois


Northern Illinois Food Bank

Willowbrook, Illinois, resident Eric A. Baumbach has displayed a commitment to his neighbors in a variety of settings during his collegiate career. In the professional context, Eric Baumbach served as a life guard at the Five Seasons in Burr Ridge, Illinois, where he taught young children how to swim and dive. He has also spent time providing food for people in need within his community through organizations like the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

As a member of Feeding America, the Northern Illinois Food Bank serves more than 71,500 people per week across 13 counties in Illinois. The organization tries to bring communities together through various innovative events. For example, the Northern Illinois Food Bank recently hosted A Taste that Matters for the sixth consecutive year. The event sold more than 1,000 tickets which raised enough funds for the Food Bank to serve roughly 3.4 million dollars worth of groceries to members of the region who experience hunger.


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