Three Tips to Improve Your Jump Shot


Jump Shot pic

Jump Shot

Eric Baumbach of Willowbrook, Illinois, is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in accountancy and finance from the University of Illinois. Also an athlete, Eric Baumbach of Willowbrook has worked as a lifeguard at Five Seasons Sports Club in Burr Ridge and is a former high school basketball player.

Improving your basketball shot is one way to guarantee you more play time. Here are a few tips to improve your shot:

1) Practice fast. Practicing at top speed is a great way to challenge yourself and better your chances of landing a shot off the dribble or off the pass. Once you are good at a shooting drill, try to do it faster without losing form.

2) Integrate footwork in your routine. Poor footwork is the main reason for off-target shots. When practicing, align your feet to give yourself a firm stance to generate the power needed for a winning jump.

3) Work on lowering your center of gravity. A low center of gravity is essential for quicker shots with more control. Squats, lunges, and dead lifts are exercises that lower your center of gravity.